Gwadar is in the news lately because of its immense trade potential. The city, which was a deserted area a few years ago is now frequented by foreigners, tourists and government officials from all over Pakistan. Not just that, tour companies have now started producing affordable Gwadar tour packages for the region, making Balochistan a lively place as it once was. Cool. Isn’t it? Let’s find out what has made it of so much importance:

– Gwadar is going to be the hub of trade in Asia

Gwadar was planned as the deep sea port of Pakistan a decade ago. It was given to Singaporean authorities but due to some brawls, the port was later provided to Chinese authorities.
A route has been established between Gwadar and Khunjerab pass known as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This is the main reason of the importance of Gwadar.

– Gwadar is covered by water from all sides except one

Apart from being the main trade route, Gwadar is no less in beauty. It is called as ‘hammer head’ and is of geographical importance for Pakistan. Due to its hammer head stretch, the place can has a pretty big area for beach parties, ship docking and especially for catching fishes.

– Gwadar has a mountain named ‘Mountain of Lies’

Balochistan is full of irregular shaped mountains. Luckily a few of them can be trekked on foot. One such mountain is Koh e Batil (Mountain of Lies). It has a 700-step staircase instead of a steep climb, allowing everyone to absorb the scenic beauty by climbing the mountain.
Koh-e-Batil, apart from being a beauty in itself, also shows Gwadar city with all its grandeur including the hammer-head stretch from up-top.

– Property price in Gwadar has increased by 500-percent in last three years

On my last visit to Gwadar, by chance I was able to find out the property prices in the area. One of our chef’s told us that the property of the next-door property was around 1.5 crore at this time (2016). However, the same property was available for around 40 lac three years ago.
Same as Karachi, the property price of the region is on high-rise. It is high time to invest in the area.

– Gwadar was a property of Oman until 1958

It is  a lesser known but a stunning fact that Gwadar itself was a property of Oman government. It was a part of India but was under the Oman Kingdom rule. After realizing the importance in 1950s, a final agreement on its lease was made in 1958. The property was sold to Pakistan for $3million that translates to around 3 or 4 crore Pakistani rupees.

– Gwadar port was one featured on Pakistani 5 rupee note

After it was decided to make Gwadar an international port and a trade hub for Central asian trade, the port picture was once featured on Pakistani rupee 5 coin. This was however deserted later on.
This are some of the lesser-known facts about Gwadar, the central trade hub between China and Pakistan. Have we missed any thing? Do let us know in the comments below.
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