A Journey Of Unfolding New Stories In Gwadar with 0km

They say, you will always regret the things that you didn’t do, rather than the ones you did, and I am no fan of regrets.

Everyone has dreams but only few will give up anything to chase them. I’ve always wanted to be among this minority, and because of my sister’s invigorating’ here I am…..

My going to Gwadar was unplanned. It was basically a trip like “pack your bags and go” situation. I must say spontaneity is more rewarding than a meticulously planned trip. 0KM, who claims to bring exotic destinations in Pakistan within our reach actually paved a foundation & I went along with them to explore the soil of Balochistan .

Honestly, these 0km guys really know how to throw a good party and it was nice for a change to be a part of such group of people.

As scheduled, we left Karachi, It was drizzling when we started and throughout our journey  it was cloudy. Leaping nervously into the unknown and leaving much of my routine life behind.

Leaving from Karachi (August 12th- 2017: 11:30 PM)

Our first stop at Winder(Tea Time):

On winder many trucks were there and I must say the trucks of Pakistan may be known for color, but they remain hard-working vehicles.

After a short stay at winder we headed towards our next stop. The route:

We stopped in different locations as mentioned above, some of them were pleasant surprise and some were spectacular place to experience but stay on those places were very short.


KUND Malir … visiting Kund Malir is not just me acting on a whim, but has actually been a deep desire in my heart form last one year. I wish I could visit it with my sister. Here came a point when words are insufficient to sum up all above mentioned places. I took so many photographs of each location. There was rarely a scene I didn’t want to capture.

It is an amazing beach. Posting some of my captured for your joy and to cherish your eyes.

Beauty of this beach is simple breathtaking. All you need is to slow down your train of thought and pay close attention the details around you. The touch of wind on your face, smells of soil, the colors of sky, interactions of waves with your feet, sounds of wind & sea. It’s a kind of meditation in which you never want to close your eyes. Though I had to leave and we excitedly headed towards to our next destination for new experience.

Formation of this princess is not known to me but I was glad to made my foot impression on such  picturesque landscapes, if you want to try something here’s a chance try manage to climb up there and It is worth reaching that place. adventure of reaching their will never gets old and the memory of that location will never fade-out.

Travelling is one of the best things in life as you get to leave behind a mundane routine, get to explore new places and meet all sorts of new people.

Golden Beach is probably one of the best unspoiled beach in

Gwadar.  What I love about this place is the soft powdery white & mix color of sand, the crystal clear waters and the fact that the place is so remote.

The city Gwadar, is so peaceful in the morning, and a lovely place to start the day while walking beside sea shore. I have discovered picturesque villages, with the most beautiful beaches, numerous viewpoints and unspoiled nature.

The Beaches in Gwadar are the most incredible sandy very light and very weakly saturated reddish yellow, a sand you see all over Gwadar. An alien landscape my eyes had never taken in before.

It is important to capture the beautiful memories, it is also even more important to thank the people who made it possible. Huge Thanks to my sister, encouraged me to go on this trip.

From bringing together a group of strangers and relentlessly encouraging them to conquer the peak at their own pace; the team of ‘0Km’ have made this a memorable experience for each and every one of us.


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