Road Trip To Gwadar Ormara Kund Malir

Explore the beauty of nature, blend yourself with rich cultures, enjoy the local music and make your time memorable by joining our amazing trip to Karachi, Ormara, Kund Malir , Makran Coastal highway, Buzi Pass, Princess of Hope, Golden Beach,

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Road Trip To Gwadar Ormara Kund Malir

17 January, 2020 - 19 January, 2020

Trip date January 17th, & 19th - 2020
Departure Date: 17th January-2020
End date: 19th January-2020

Package Price: Rs 10,999/-
***Discount for group of people :)

Call/SMS/Whatsapp/Message on following given numbers.
Team 0 KM:
Abdullah : 0336-0038286
Faizan : 0332-3534014

Discover hidden gems of Balochistan including mud volcano, Makran coastal highway, Kund Malir beach, the Sphinx, princess of hope, Buzi-pass and Ormara beach. Once at Gwadar, enjoy beach-facing lodgings and fresh home-cooked lunch. Tour the port, visit the hammerhead mountain for sunset & enjoy the bonfire at the hotel with the live traditional music of Balochistan. Sightseeing in Gwadar with lots of fun on the way back to Karachi.

Trip Highlights

1. Virgin Beaches.
2. Kund Malir Beach.
3. Golden Beach.
4. Ormara Beach.
5. Taak Beach
6. Hidden Beach of Gwadar
7. Serenity of Makran Coastal Highway
8. Trekking
9. Sunset from Hammerhead
10. Spinix
11. Buzzi Pass (Top point)
12. Princess of Hope
13. Camping Adventure.

Meetup Point: Friday Night 10:30 pm at Mc. Donalds, Askari 4, Johr Mor Karachi.
Participants are requested to arrive 15 min prior to the pick-up point.


Day 1:
11:30 pm: Departure from Karachi

Day 2:
01:30 am Stop at winder for around 20 minutes
04:00 am Arrival at Kund Malir Beach
05:30 am Breakfast at Kund Malir
06:00 am Sunrise at Kund Malir Beach
06:30 am Visit Golden Beach
07:00 am Visit Shinix beach
07:30 am Short trekking and hiking Princess of Hope
08:00 am Short Stay at Buzzi top
09:45 am Departure for Ormara
01:00 pm Pasni and Gwadar interchange
01:30 pm Check-in Gwadar tourist Motel & lunch
04:00 pm: Mini Port and Fishery
05:00 pm: Gul Point Beach
05:30 pm Sunset from the Deewan-e-Jah
07:30 pm Get settled in the hotel
08:30 pm Dinner
09:30 pm Bonfire, Music, Chai to relax

Day 3:
05:30 am Time to see the beautiful sunrise at Gwadar Beach
06:30 am Breakfast
07:00 am Sightseeing of Gwadar from the Koh-e-Batil via stairs
08:30 am Sightseeing at Coastal beach
09:00 am Back to hotel | Pack your bags | get ready for the return journey
09:30 am Gwadar Market visit
10:00 am Departure from Gwadar
02:00 pm Stop at Ormara Beach
02:30 pm Lunch at Hotel Ormara Beach
02:30 pm Departure from Ormara
04:00 pm 20 minutes stay at Buzzi Pass
05:00 pm 15 minutes stay on Makran Coastal highway to see the magnificent view of Beach
09:00 pm Stop at Mcdonalds

- All transport to/from Karachi- Gwadar
- Stay in a good hotel on Quad sharing basis for 1 night
- All meals
- Expenses of guides during the trip
- Tour Operator

Note: Finding a quality food in Balochistan is near to Impossible but we try our best to provide the best meals to the group members.

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1. Fill up the signup form on this page (
2. Deposit for funds according to your selected package to the bank account mentioned below
3. Email / SMS (0332-3534014) us after funds deposit for receiving your E-Ticket & confirmation

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Account Title: Abdullah
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Road Trip To Gwadar Ormara Kund Malir

17 January, 2020 - 19 January, 2020
Tour Attractions : Karachi, Ormara, Kund Malir , Makran Coastal highway, Buzi Pass, Princess of Hope, Golden Beach,
Organized by : 0km
PRICE 10999 PKR/- per person