Kund Malir Trip

Explore the beauty of nature, blend yourself with rich cultures, enjoy the local music and make your time memorable by joining our amazing trip to Karachi, Hyderabad, Kund Malir , Makran Coastal highway, Princess of Hope,

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Kund Malir Trip

16 February, 2020 - 17 February, 2020
Night At Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir on Feb 16th to 17th Feb - 2020
Departure Date: 16th Feb -2020
End date: 17th Feb -2020

Original Price: Rs 4,000/-
** Group Discounted Price : 3,500/-** (more then 5 Members)
Call /SMS/Whatsapps/Message on Following given numbers.
Team 0 KM:
Bilal : 0315-2125262
Abdullah : 0332-3534014


Day 01:

07:00 PM: Departure from Karachi.
09:30 PM: Dinner at Winder (Chicken Karahi, Roti and Cold Drink).
12:00 AM: Arrival at Kund Malir Beach.

Day 02:
12:30 AM: Setup of Camps.
01:00 AM: Bonfire & Sitting on Beach.
01:30 AM: Enjoy music session.
Sunrise at Kund Malir Beach.
07;00 AM: Short Stay At Golden Beach
07:30 AM: Short Stay at sphinx
08:30 AM: Departure for Princess of Hope.
09:30 AM: Breakfast (Omelet, Paratha & Tea).
11:00 AM: Departure from Beach
01:30 PM: Washroom Break at Winder
03:30 PM: Arrival back in Karachi
Timings are subject to traffic & road situations and it can be delayed as well.

Timings are subject to road conditions and traffic and people punctuality.

Price per head 4,000/- Rs

100% advance is our policy.
Want to cancel your booking. Notify us 72 hours prior
A trip gets canceled, we will refund you 100% or book you for the next trip.

No group discount applicable to this trip

Contact us for more details.
(If we couldn't pick up the call, leave an SMS)

Services Included:
-All camping accessories (4 person sharing)
-Meals (Dinner and Breakfast)
-Fun and Freedom
-First Aid Facility
-Sound System

Services not Included:
-Washroom Facility

Don't Forget:
- You have to carry your bags and set up your camp.
- Members shall not be indulged in any act reflecting moral or
character failing during the activities.
- We always make collaboration with other tour operators to
complete the quorum.
- Behave like you are traveling with your own family. Respect locals.
- 0% tolerance for polluting the local environment.
- 0km is not responsible if the itineraries got affected due to any
reason that is beyond human control
- You are responsible for all your valuable things.
- In case any equipment owned by 0km is lost or damaged, the cost
of replacing the equipment will be borne by the individual
- Every humanly possible care will be taken for the safety of
members, still, each venture can be fraught with endangers of
unforeseen natural disasters like avalanches and crevasse falls or
any other accidents and sometimes such disasters cannot be ruled
out. In any such type of accident during the whole tour, t 0km,
group leader, and the tour organizers will not be held responsible in
any form.


0km is not responsible for anything happens.

Use this opportunity to explore the picturesque Moola Chutook Gorge. Experience rebirth with crystal clear waterfalls hidden within the classic Baluchistan mountains.

Kund Malir Trip

16 February, 2020 - 17 February, 2020
Tour Attractions : Karachi, Hyderabad, Kund Malir , Makran Coastal highway, Princess of Hope,
Organized by : 0km
PRICE 4000 PKR/- per person