Kalash Valley Tour

Explore the beauty of nature, blend yourself with rich cultures, enjoy the local music and make your time memorable by joining our amazing trip to Chitral, Kalash Valley, bumburet, Rumbur, Birir ,

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Kalash Valley Tour

10 June, 2021 - 24 June, 2021

The Kalash valley located in the modern-day Chitral district of Pakistan is famous for its cultural heritage. Located in the remotest part of Hindukush mountain ranges the land is fertile for Kalasha people back from 300 B.C to date. The Kalash culture is listed as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO. The decision was announced in November 2018 during the 13th session of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee meeting organized in Mauritius.

The people of Kalash have their own distinct culture, tradition, religion, belief, and language. Fascinating landscapes and lush green mountains with a river flowing from the center makes an ideal place for your dream travel destination. Through this trip to Kalash valley, we provide an unforgettable experience of living with an ethnic community of Kalasha; an ancient culture which fascination rituals, colorful dresses, and lively traditions. The tour will not be limited to Kalash Valley but we will be visiting some of the best destinations in the the Northern Pakistan i.e Chitral, Shandur pass, Giglit, Hunza, Passu, Karakoram, Silk Road, Naran and much more.

Kalash Valley Tour | 15 Days | Cost

All seasons are good to experience the Kalash culture as the community have festives all around the year. However we choose the best time considering the tourist inflow and weather conditions.

Starting Date: 10-June-2021
Ending Date: 24-June-2021

Price (USD): 1890
Price (PKR): 95,000
Deposit: 100 $

Highlights of Pakistan Tour:

  • To see, feel and experience the culture of ethnic minority of Kalash.
  • Enjoy the tunes of local folk music of different regions
  • Traditioanal and local cuisine of different ethencties
  • To feel the peace at night and hear the stories of diverse communities
  • Pine, Juniper and Oak forest in Kalash
  • To experience the sight of Tirich Mir (7,708m) in the Hindukush Range and several others
  • Rivers (Kunar, Dir, Chitral), tributaries and streams
  • Malakand pass, Lowari Pass (3,118 m) or Lowari Tunnel (10.4 kms)
  • Valleys in the northern areas of Pakistan
  • To walk in forts of Malakand, Nagar, Ayun & Chitral and ancient mosques like of Shahi Mosque
  • Churchil Picket, Malakand
  • Experience the culture of people from Hunza
  • Dance and enjoy on Hunzai drums and folk music
  • Taste the rich Hunzai kitchen
  • Experience the lifestyle of people in Hunza.
  • Highest peaks like  Rakaposhi (7,708m), Passu Sar (7,478m) and Ultar Sar (7,388m) in the Karakoram Range
  • Rivers (Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit, Indus, Kunhar), tributaries and streams
  • Babusar Pass (4,173m), Khunjerab Pass (4,733m) and Attabad tunnel (7km)
  • Valleys of northern Pakistan including Hunza, Nagar, Naltar, Besham/Kaghan and Naran etc
  • Lakes including Attabad, Lulusar, Borith, Shandur, Khalti, Phandar and Batura
  • Glaciers including Bualtar, Passu, Batura and Hussaini etc
  • Khunjerab National Park
  • Walk in the ancient forts of Altit and Baltit
  • Explore the bazaars of Aliabad, Karimabad and Naran.
  • Drive on Karakoram Highway and the Silk route.
  • Drive through the towns of Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra etc
  • Sightseeing in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Detailed Itinerary:

Day1: Arrive at International Airport Islamabad (Altitude: 540 m)

We will start our day in the afternoon and visit famous places in Islamabad. The visit to the heritage museum will give the understanding of diversified nation with more than 15 main languages and culture. After lunch, we will visit the Pakitan museum. In the evening we will visit the landmark of Islamabad; The Faisal Mosque. After spending a thorough at this majestical mosque we will drive to the highest point of Islamabad Daman-e-Koh. The night will be called off after a traditional food and famous Ice-cream of the city.

Day2: Drive to Swat valley (Altitude: 975 m)

The next day sun starts shinging and we will hit the road towards Swat Valley. The valley is the beautiful in KPK province with lush green mountains and eye stunning sceneries. The newly constructed motorway from Islamabad to swat has shorten the travel period which gives us the leverage to explore the old princely state. Swat was the center of Buddhist civilization centuries ago. Our visits: white palace, archaeological sites of ancient Buddhist civilization and the bazar.

Day3: Drive to Chitral (Altitude: 1050 m)

This is the day where we will drive from Swat to Chitral. There was a time when there is only access to the chitral valley in Pakistan and that is of Lowari Pass. This pass was considered to be one of the dangerours roads in the world. It is open only for 6 months and closed for rest of the months due to the snow. However in recent times the long awaited tunnel is completed that is now connecting Dir to Chitral district. Once we cross the tunnel our first stop will be the Ayun Valley. The place is eye-soothing for nature lovers. We will be exploring the sorroundings and stay in the emintent fort that have his own mighty bilogical garden. The forts location enable the visitors to have a bird eye view of the valley and sip their tea looking at the river passing through the valley. Spend a night at Ayun Fort and it will be a memory that sticks for your life.

Day 4: Exploring the Rumbur Valley (Altitude: 1100 m)

This day we will be moving towards the valleys of Kalasha people. As the community of Kalash people is spread over three valleys the first one will be the Rumbur valley for our stop. We will be meeting locals and gets the opportunity to learn about their rituals and traditions. After spending a good time in Rumbur valley we will be heading towards the Bumburet valley to spend the night. The night will be filled with music in the peaceful valley with the bonfire.

Day 5: Explore Bumburet valley, Kalash (Altitude: 1100 m)

This day will be dedicated to learning more about the Kalash tribe. We will be visiting the graveyard to study the concept of celebration in death. We will also visit the town center, interact with the community and will take some pictures. In the evening we will leave for Chitral and stay at night at Pamir-In hotel alongside the Chitral river.

Day6: Explore Chitral Kingdom (Altitude: 1494 m)

The day will start with the visit of the Chitral fort, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Chitral. Shahi mosque within the fort will also be the place of interest for the group. The next destination is Birmoglasht, the highest place which has the palace of the king. This place has the bird-eye view of the village from where you can see the complete valley and also the Tirichmir. During the visit to Gol national park, we are hopeful that you will get the sight of Markhor. This day we will also visit the Chitral polo ground if luckily there is any match. The day will be called off with our visit to Chitral Bazaar and dinner within the hotel.

Day7: Drive to Mastuj Valley (Altitude: 1494 m)

We will start our drive from the Chitral town towards the Mastuj village crossing the Booni. This village is located in Yarkhud valley that borders Afghanistan on one side and Gilgit Baltistan on the other. This day we will be stopping at different villages driving along the riverside and finally reach the PTDC Mastuj for our overnight stay.

Day8: Travel towards Ghizer District via Shandur Pass (Altitude: 2,217 m)

Our plan for this day is to reach Gupis which is also known as Khalti. Khalti is a part of the Gilgit Baltistan region. The route which passes through the Shandur pass is magical. Passing through different villages and experiencing the mesmerizing landscapes of Alpines and Shandur Lake. A visit to the world's highest polo ground i.e. Shandur Polo ground will be the highlight of our day. Our stops during this travel will be high land pastures and meadows of Barsit, Langar, and Teru. A last short stop before we will reach the hotel will be taken at Phander Valley. After resting a bit we will be out of the hotel and explore nearby villages in Khalti. The notorious Trout fish will be our dinner for this night.

Day 9: Staying in Gilgit (Altitude: 1500 m)

This day we will have a short journey from Khalti to Gilgit. Gilgit is the capital of the Gilgit Baltistan region. After lunch and rest, we will explore the Bazaar, Kargah Nala and the famous Buddha carvings. Special for this day is to taste the Mantu (Dumplings).

Day 10: Drive to Hunza Valley (Altitude: 2500 m)

All your dreams of traveling in heaven are going to be true as we will be traveling to Hunza. The land of legends that is the word used for this place is a complete package for travelers. Mountains, Glaciers, landscapes, Colors, Culture, Music, Heritage and the magnificent Karakoram Highway. Once we start our journey from Gilgit to Hunza you will start believing in the statement for Karakoram highway; "the 8th Wonder". Places to visit: Rakaposhi viewpoint, Aliabat, Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, and Karimabad. The lifetime experience will be the sunset from Eagle Nest.

Day 11: Explore Hunza (Altitude: 2700 m)

The further quest to explore will lead us to the northern Hunza where Attabad lake spellbound you with his magical beauty. During the boating in the Attabad lake, the pristine glacial water and the color of the lake with the barren mountains will leave you stunned. Further will continue the journey on Karokaram and enter Khunjerab National park. Passing through many villages we will visit the Passu cones and will be back to our accommodation in Passu at night.

Day 12: Explore Passu Village (Altitude: 2500 m)

We will be doing the walking tour this day and explore the nearby fields and put our souls in rest among the mountains and valleys. To experience the Wakhi community in Pakistan we will visit the local houses and observe the architecture and meet the locals. Borith Lake is also a place worth a visit. The most amazing part of the day will be the walk on the Hussaini suspension bridge. The day ends with the visit of Hooper valley and Baltoro Glacier and the night will start with local Hunza music listening to the stories of locals.

Day 13: Drive to Naran from Hunza (Altitude: 2409 m)

Our group will depart from Hunza either for Bisham or Naran depending upon the weather condition. Our first option is to reach Naran via Babusar top which will give the members to explore additional locations. If we are not taking it then we will be reaching Bisham traveling along Indus road crossing Chillas and Dasu. Our guest will spend the night in Naran or Bisham

Day 14: Drive towards Islamabad (Altitude: 540 m)

We will leave either from Bisham or Naran towards Islamabad. During the travel, we are going to visit the following places; the Taxila museum and ancient Buddhist sites from Gandhara civilization. The group's farewell dinner will be held at Monal Islamabad.

Day 15: Fly to Home Country (Altitude: 540 m)

This is the day where we will be saying goodbye to our group and returning home with lifetime memories.

What's Included:

Foreign tourists (non-Pakistani)

  • Licensed professional guide (government requirement)
  • Airport transfer on first and last day in Islamabad
  • All domestic road transfers
  • All hotel accommodation (twin sharing rooms)
  • All hotel meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Support staff (assistant(s) etc)

Domestic tourists (Pakistani Nationals)

  • Licensed professional guide
  • Road transport (Islamabad to Islamabad)
  • Hotel accommodation according to itinerary
  • Hotel meals according to itinerary
  • Support staff (assistant(s) etc – according to need)

What's not Included:

Foreign tourists (non-Pakistani)

  • Travel Insurance (recommendations only)
  • Visa to Pakistan (supporting documents will be offered)
  • International airfare
  • Personal equipments (clothes, boots etc)
  • Tips for guides, porters, staff etc
  • Miscellaneous (drinks, phone calls, laundry, souvenir etc)

Domestic tourists (Pakistani Nationals)

  • Airport transfers in Islamabad (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Sightseeing in Islamabad and surrounding areas (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Hotel accommodation in Islamabad (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Hotel meals in Islamabad (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Travel insurance (recommendations can be requested)
  • Visa to Pakistan (not required)
  • International airfare for overseas Pakistani
  • Personal equipments (warm clothes, boots etc)
  • Tips for guides, porters, staff etc
  • Miscellaneous (drinks, phone calls, laundry, souvenir etc)

For further queries: trip@0km.com.pk

Kalash Valley Tour

10 June, 2021 - 24 June, 2021
Tour Attractions : Chitral, Kalash Valley, bumburet, Rumbur, Birir ,
Organized by : 0km
PRICE 1890 USD/- per person